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This database is updated to sGE v18.45.16
Future info based on and translated from kGE Silver Server v10.23.4


Stances and Skills
  • Physical type damage cannot ignore Block or Evasion by default, nor it can hit airborne targets.
  • Shooting type damage ignores Evasion by default, and can hit airborne targets. Shooting type scales from Physical Penetration
  • Magical type damage ignores Block and Evasion by default, can hit airborne targets, and bypasses DEF in favor of RES, however, RES only affects those tagged as one of the elements: Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Mental. Attacks tagged as merely "Magical" cannot be reduced by any RES, but can be reduced by effects that directly reduce Magical type damage.

Credits and Links:

SEA-GE Main Site [English] - Home of the Schwarzburg Family, lol.

Korea-GE Main Site [Korean] - Most of the "new" stuff like illustrations are from here.

SEA-GE Forums [English] - Trolls liek eet hir. Also, major discussions on current and future patches, characters, and stances are made here.

Jupath-GE [English/Korean] - Premier source for in-game data.

GE 2ch Wiki [Japanese] - jGE info, quest walkthroughs, and miscellaneous info.

Blue Moon Waltz [Chinese] - Info spearhead on future patches, characters, and stances.

Pioneering Granado Espada (Starstorm) [English] - English info on future patches and events, also for supplying the spreadsheet on in-game data for v10.7.

モッザレラー MOZZARELLA (Minun's Blog) [English] - Quest info on characters and stances.

Junjou's Tumblr [English] - Info on quests, possible future updates, and more!

ChristusX Family Blog [English] - Info on characters and stances.

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