Welcome to the Tome of Abyss, Schwarzburg family's adventure log and Singapore-Granado Espada database. Navigate through the site using the links to the right.

Current News 

Accidentally killed my extension hard drive which had all the files pertaining to this site. On major hiatus until I figure out what to do.

    Database Progression:
    • Character Database: 100%
    • Stance Database: 32%
    • Job Skill Database: 11% 

    Project Lineup:
    These stances are next in line to be posted once the site is updated to v19.23.40 specifics.
    • Battle Medicine 
    • Combat Assault
    • Floresta
    • Heavy Stinger
    • Puppet Master
    • Rocking
    • Sabretooth 
    • Shadow Assault

    Additional Features:
    • Character pages have stances marked with green dots. These marked stances are "inbuilt" stances, meaning they're available upon creation.
    • Stances that have 5 skills include a WHICH SKILL NOT TO MAX section located at the bottom of the page. This includes in-depth explanations as to why I picked that skill or in the case of 2 or more skills, some points to consider to help you pick which skill not to max